Balearic Boc Hunting

Agile, unpredictable and only found on Mallorca, the Balearic Boc is a remarkable big hunt trophy.

Expect challenge and persistence as you hunt this elusive, rugged mountain goat. Weighing roughly 55-60 kilos, we recommend this for the keenest of hunters. Tough terrain, tranquil location & steadfast stamina lead only to enhanced satisfaction. Above all, a striking aspect of the wild boc hunt is the setting. Serene and spectacular, we will take you to the impressive Cap de Formentor – the world-renowned northernmost point of the island, with a high peak of 1259 feet.

Hunting the elusive Balearic Boc involves a pursuit across up to three different hunting terrains. At first, we traverse a remote wooded expanse. This leads onto broader moorland grass – a flattish respite before steep, sharp escarpments. The climb, at times, is vertical. Strenuous? Yes. Satisfying? Absolutely. Throughout, you will be accompanied by a Sportarm Mallorca guide – guaranteeing advice, area knowledge & hunting insight whenever you need.

Climbing the Mallorcan mountains at sunrise, without a soul in sight & only expansive coastal views for company, this is a sporting experience to cherish forever.

To achieve the ultimate Balearic Boc experience, Sportarm Mallorca provide access to the finest boc habitats on the island, your own personal guide and tailored equipment. Exclusivity is guaranteed.

Boc Hunting from € 781
plus trophies ranging from € 1,000 to € 6,750

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